[Akko x MonsGeek] 16-Key Switch Tester

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 Are you in the market for a new mechanical keyboard but unsure which switch type suits you? Look no further than our switch tester! MonsGeek x Akko acrylic 16-key switch tester lets you try 16 different switch types to find the perfect switch for your needs.

Linear Switches:

  • Akko CS Wine Red
  • Akko CS Matcha Green
  • Akko V3 Cream Yellow
  • Akko CS Crystal
  • Akko CS Crystal Blue
  • Akko CS Jelly Black
  • Akko CS Silver
  • Cherry MX Red
  • Akko x TTC Demon

Tactile Switches:

  • Akko CS Lavender Purple
  • Akko CS Jelly Purple
  • Akko CS Wine White
  • Akko V3 Cream Blue

Clicky Switches:

  • Akko Blue

Silent Switches:

  • Cherry MX RGB Silent Black
  • TTC Silent Bluish White