[Durock] T1 Tactile Switches

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The JWK Durock T1 Tactile Switches utilize a material composition akin to their linear switch collection, encompassing a polycarbonate top housing, a nylon bottom, and a POM stem, including a tactile bump. These switches are designed for individuals who prefer a 'stepped' tactile sensation, contrasting to the 'rounded' tactility experienced with Holy Pandas.

Switch Features:

  • Tactile
  • Factory Pre-Lubed
  • MX Switch
  • 5 Pin
  • Bottom Out: 67g
  • Operating: 2mm
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Tactile Method: Gold-plated Metal Leaf
  • Gold-plated Spring
  • Polycarbonate Top Housing
  • Nylon PA Bottom Housing
  • POM Stem