[Gateron] Luciola Linear Switches (Factory Lightly Pre-Lubed)

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Take in the sunshine, release noctilucent. The new Luciola switch from Gateron is the first switch that uses a triple-layer pin design.

The Gateron Luciola switches are the same as Ink V2 mold and material but pre-lubed via automatic equipment, and it sends out a light green glow at night.

Switch Features:

  • Linear
  • Housing: Translucent Light Green (Same as the Gateron Ink's material)
  • Stem: Pom (Same as the Gateron Ink's material)
  • Operation Force: 55gf
  • Bottom Touching Force: 60gf
  • Pre-travel: 2mm
  • Total travel: 3.6mm
  • 22mm Black Plated Double-stage Spring
  • Factory Lightly Pre-Lubed