[Keychron] Q1 Pro QMK Wireless DIY Kit (75%)

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Type: Barebone Knob
Color: Shell White

The Keychron Q1 Pro is a revolutionary wireless custom mechanical keyboard featuring robust full-metal construction and QMK/VIA compatibility. Coupled with premium elements such as a double-gasket design, PBT keycaps, and screw-in stabilizers, it promises an unparalleled typing experience.

Kit Features:

  • Layout: 75%
  • Support: QMK/VIA
  • Connection: Wired and Wireless
  • Mounting: Gasket Mount
  • Flex: Up to 2.5mm
  • Body: CNC Aluminum (6063 Aluminum)
  • Finish: Polished, Anodized, and Sandblasted
  • Plate: PC
  • Stabilizers: Screw-In
  • Hot-Swappable: Yes
  • RGB: South-Facing
  • Badge: Interchangeable with a Rotary Encoder
  • Compatibility: macOS & Windows
  • Layout toggle: The system can switch between macOS and Windows with a saved layout for each
  • Sound Absorbing Foam: Included
  • PCB Stabilizers: Gateron Screw-In
  • Cable: Included
  • Switches: Not specified

What's Included:

  • 1 x Aluminum Case
  • 1 x Hot-Swap PCB
  • 1 x PC Plate
  • 1 x Sound Absorbing Foam
  • 2 x Case Foam (Installed Inside)
  • 16 x Gaskets (8 Installed and 8 in the Box)
  • 3 Sets of 2U PCB Stabilizers
  • 1 Set of 6.25U PCB Stabilizers
  • The knob version will include a knob
  • Cable: 1 x Type-C to Type-C Cable, 1 x Type-A to Type-A Adapter

Customer Reviews

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Tom D.
Very Nice, Although Expensive, Keyboard Kit!

Everything was exactly as I expected out of the box. A few observations:

- The included stabilizers were pre-lubed nicely and didn't sound bad.
- The pre-included case foam is extremely thin, likely with the goal of providing more flex. Adding thicker material will do a better job to dampen sound, but will reduce flex.
- There is a bit of case ping from the aluminum case, despite the factory-installed force breaks and case foam. Using sorbothane or neoprene as a case foam resolves the issue nicely, at the cost of reducing flex compared to the stock case foam. Otherwise be aware that you may hear a slightly metallic aftertone.

Adding a thicker force break / gasket between the top and bottom case gave me enough room for both a better case foam AND a flexible typing experience. That extra millimeter or two is well worth it!