[YUNZII] Keynovo Coiled Cable

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Color: Pink

Cable Features:

  • The coiled keyboard cable delivers high performance and is an elegant addition to any setup.
  • The cable features a detachable four-pin metal aviator port, supporting a wide range of connections.
  • The cable incorporates a USB-A with metal aviation, a Type-C plug, a two-section cable connection, and a detachable design.
  • This keyboard cable has undergone performance testing and boasts a flexible spiral design, metal aviator, and durable TPE material, ensuring superior quality and visual aesthetics.
  • It is an ideal replacement cable for any mechanical keyboard.
  • The V2 custom coiled aviator cable has been upgraded in length, featuring a 155cm straight cable and a 14cm coiled cable with a diameter of 2cm.
  • The total length of the cable is 170cm.